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A little bit about Tina.

Tina’s voice has been described as friendly, upbeat, happy and fun.  Her voice is enthusiastic and entertaining.  She is also versatile, able to portray a range of emotions from serious and informative to empathetic and caring and everything in between.  Her expressive voice is pleasant to listen to, easy to understand and will keep your listeners interested.  Whatever your need, her voice is right for your next project.

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Character/Gaming Demo - Tina Shuster
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Nonfiction Narration Demo - Tina Shuster
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Educational Demo - Tina Shuster
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Professional, Dependable and Easy to work with


Tina has performed everything from commercials to tutorials to animated characters. She currently has 29 audiobooks available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes and has begun narrating for Scholastic Books.  Furthermore, she has performed in a variety of animated children's shows and is the voice of the Life of Jesus series of audiobook apps for children, and the game cues for Sproutville, the bible story game app, among many other accomplishments.  She has completed projects from 5 words to 76,000 words and everything in between.  Whatever your need, Tina is the right voice.

Tina is versatile and can play a wide variety of characters!

surpassing the standards


 Tina can provide her broadcast quality audio in a variety of formats and can accommodate most budgets.  All of her clients have been very pleased with the quality and speed of her work.  And she will make sure that you are completely satisfied as well.  She will not rest until you are!

Tina Shuster


Fantastic work! Happy to have worked with Tina... a true professional! Turn-around on my project was fast and well done. Will work with again!


Michael Lapico

Touch Village Inc

Amazing job!!! Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure working with you!


Melissa Kelman

Tina's a delight to work with and I highly recommend her. She returns projects quickly, and I'm extremely pleased by the quality of her work. Tina's voice is bringing our series of children's Bible story apps to life


Paul Wiarda

4 Soils

You do amazing work! thank you. 


Bill Vincent
Revival Waves of Glory Books and Publishing

Tina's voice is absolutely perfect for my children's storybook app. Her narration voice is fantastic for children's books and her ability to do different voices for characters makes stories come alive. She responds promptly to all emails and messages, has an incredibly fast turnaround time, and she's very courteous. Once I start my next book in the Maddie Bear series, I'll be sure to work with Tina again!

Greg Pugh


Horse Play

HorsePlay Test

HorsePlay Test

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Wee Dragons

Tina Demo_Wee Dragons

Tina Demo_Wee Dragons

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Sears, Arby's, The Home Depot, Nintendo, Volvo, Scioto Downs Racino, Fox TV, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Nationwide Insurance, Pandora Radio, Smith Chevrolet, Radio Forecast Network, 4 Soils, Touch Village Inc., Oak Factory Outlet, TJ's Tavern and Dining, Calfrac Campus, Service Medical Oxygen, Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, and many more! 

Audiobook narration: Scholastic Books, Audible, Duple Media, Quitely Blessed and Loved Press, Speedy Publishing LLC, Revival Waves of Glory Books and Publishing, Jabez Books, RWG Publishing  

titles: Toad on the Road, Hello Goodbye Dog, Not Quite Narwahl, The Treasure of Ravenwood: A Fairy Tale, Storms Never Last, A Brutal Betrayal, Out of the Transylvania Night, 30 Days to Redemption, As We Forgive, The Ring Does Not Fit, A 40 Day Journey of Moments of Hope, God the Father Jesus the Big Brother Holy Spirit the Best Friend, Pray and Grow Richer, Sasha, Alone on the Oregon Trail, A Rancher Gets a Surprise, Loving Thomas in a Wheelchair, Planting a Garden of Love, The Western Mail Order Bride Company, Praying for a Cowboy to Love Me, Sent to the Prairie Preacher for Love and Marriage, Juice Me!, The Very Special Toys, The Western Country Wife: God's News for Mercy, Delivery Refused?, Love Out West, Children Stories, Widowed, Jilted and Pregnant on the Wagon Train West, and many more!


Animated movies: Bible town (Sarah), Horse Play(Axle), Fish Tales 2,3 and 4 (Fifi, Trigger, Mama, Cherie, Mother Stingray & Alba), Space Explorers(Cup K, Sammy), Wee Dragons (Princess Cai), Easter Bunny Adventure (Henrietta), Star Paws (Princess Eugenia Marshmallow), Trolled 1 & 2(Princess Cupcake, Bumblestick), Bible Bees (Queen Buttercup), Space Penguins (Captain Stella), Crazy Birds (Mimi, Radella), It Takes Three (Mom, Bagel), Pup School (Moxie), Lil' Monsters (Lil' Jackie and Lil' Charm), Thanksgiving Dance (Shelly, Olive), Fishmas (Mama, Fifi, Trigger, Alba), Dia of the Dead(Erasma Bones), Groundhog Dave (Mimi), Avenger Dogs 2(Sass), A Frozen New Year's Eve (Lily, Violet)and more being released each month!

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